The First Orange Juicers

Orange Juice The Brand
July 2017 - two Canadian high schoolers had been dating for a few months and were grappling with existential anguish.

Meet the creators of OJTB. Molly Jiang and Joshua Gao co-founded Orange Juice The Brand in 2017 back in high school, here's a glimpse into who they are: Josh is a Western University business graduate and long time startup shill. He loves skate boarding, sports, and building exciting projects. Molly had a knack for drawing since she was little, and when her mother passed away the summer before after a long battle with cancer, her passions for design grew fervently. Whatever it was that serendipitously allowed the two to start dating, it was a combination that would allow them to build a platform to express themselves and how they felt. Orange Juice is a staple drink found in households around the world. It's common. But, unlike anything else, it's a drink that through its natural energy leaves you in awe. A symbol of the little pleasures in life that - when examined closely - are truly unique and pleasant.  Orange Juice The Brand is a representation of how Josh and Molly feel. The wonder that Josh held as a kid and the pain Molly has pushed through to get to where she is. No matter what, in the day to day, there are little things like Orange Juice that if you pay attention close enough will make everyday worth it. This is part of Josh and Molly's legacy and how they hope you'll go the extra mile to challenge yourself beyond imagination and smile while doing it. The two ended up breaking up through college and after months of the brand going silent they were still able to push forward stronger than ever as exes.

How will you express yourself through fashion? What will your legacy be on this world? How will you Challenge The Ordinary.


The small team at Orange Juice The Brand